Monday, May 30, 2011

Moroccan dinner night! Best yet!!

One of my favorite parts of writing this blog has been researching recipes, discovering new markets, and creating cultural meals:) I checked a new grocery store out this month - North Park Produce - where I found tons of Middle Eastern products ( I almost bought sooooo much Indian food, but I kept myself in check and tried to focus on Moroccan items...but, mmmmm, I think an Indian month must happen soon!!!). I ended up picking up some orange blossom water for a dessert recipe, and some harissa, which is a hot chili sauce that is popular in Northern Africa. 

Moroccan dinner night was sooooooooooo yummy! This was the most delicious yet! Here's some pix and recipes:

First off we started with some flatbread, olives, hummus, and a Moroccan roasted pepper, cucumber and tomato salad that was super fresh and flavorful. yummmmmmmmmmm

The cousins and Kevin joined me for the feast:)

Dinner was delicious and consisted of a Moroccan-style veggie stew, spiced couscous with golden raisins and almonds, harissa yogurt sauce,  more of the veggie salad,  and some absolutely delicious Harissa and sesame potatoes.  Oh man, it was all delicious! The stew had a lot of herbs and butter and almost ended with a curry type flavor, and the couscous was a nice complement. I was blown away by the potatoes - my favorite part of the meal!

Dessert was M'hanncha, or "snake cake," a dessert made from a citrusy nut paste wrapped in filo dough. 


  1. My fav meal you've done so far!

  2. We are definitely expecting a Moroccan dinner when you come this summer. EVERYTHING looked and sounded good!!