Sunday, May 8, 2011

Moroccan Architecture and Style

When I hear "Morocco," my thoughts generally drift to elegant tile work and ornamental arches, stately minarets and serene courtyards, all executed with infinite attention to detail.  With exotic charm, Moroccan architecture is cultural fusion with traditional Berber roots that have blended over time with African and Islamic traditions and style.

Building ornamentation and decorative gardens frequently feature vivid and contrasting colors.

Sometimes very plain houses feature ornately carved wooden doors that are inviting works of art.

Fortified palaces and desert strongholds are evidence of Morocco's turbulent history.

Kasbahs are fortresses where leaders lived and where people would take refuge in times of war.  They feature high walls, and are often located at the top of hills for added defense or at harbors.  They are made of sun dried bricks, known for their rich red color. Despite how thick the walls are, they still seem to naturally fit the landscape.

Koutoubia Mosque

Update - I just came across a Lonely Planet article about Moroccan architecture that is phenomenal..check it out!

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  1. Unlike other countries with natural beauty, Morroco seems to be a place where the people create their beautiful surroundings. Amazing and intricate buildings, and their colors...just fab!