Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Well, Alpine April was simply splendid....I definitely want to go to the Alps sometime - I think it would be a perfect vacation to go on with my parents...biking for Dad, nature walks with Mom....delicious food and beverages for me:)

I mentioned that Dad inspired me to check out the Alpine region, and for May, I'm taking up Frank's suggestion of Morrocco....MAYrocco!!!!!

I looked through a travel book on Marrakesh and I really really really REALLY want to go there! The architecture looks amazing, the food sounds delicious (I'll be trying out some recipes this month, FOR SURE), and it seems so exotic! I will be going there sometime! Plus, there's a "Nikki Beach" - it's a sign!!!!

I will be going here.

I promise my upcoming posts with have more substance....I'm excited to research more about Morocco!!!

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