Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What you might see when walking around Marrakech

I've been reading some guidebooks and travel websites that feature Morocco, as well as checking out some blogs about living in Morocco, and I am just stunned by how beautiful everything seems to be in Morocco! Rather than delving into a lot of background into anything in particular, let's take a little journey together and focus on what we might see walking the streets in Fez, Essouaria, Marrakesh, and Casablanca.

One blogger living in Morocco commented in a recent post that while walking around it seems she is always chasing after someone wearing a red Djellaba - typical Islamic modest attire.

In the travel books I keep reading about souks, the traditional commercial centers in the medinas of Arab and Berber communities. Haggling has been the tradition for centuries, and many beautiful handmade and well-crafted items are up for purchase.

Moroccan cities used to have thriving entertainment centers in their cities, where snakecharmers, acrobats, storytellers and other entertainers would enchant locals and tourists alike. These centers are disappearing as we enter the modern age, but in Marrakech's Djema'a al Fna these traditions are still alive.


  1. Shopping and people watching in the Square...yes!

  2. I tell stories. Why doesn't everyone hang on to my every word??