Friday, February 4, 2011


In Costa Rica there are over 300 mysterious spherical stones like this of which nobody knows the exact origins. I, of course, think they came from aliens, however, some of the more common myths around their creation include that they came from Atlantis, or that they naturally occurred. There are also local legends saying that some native inhabitants had a potion to soften rock. They range in size from a few centimeters to about 6 feet in diameter, and some weigh tons! The date range for most of them doesn't really narrow their age very well - 200 BCE - 1500 CE.

The first time they were recorded is around 1930 when the United Fruit Company came across about a dozen when they were clearing the jungle for bananas (booo- they have been accused of bribing government officials, paying little taxes to the countries they exported from, exploiting workers, and trying to create a monopoly in most of the countries where they harvested). When they were originally found, they were often grouped in alignments that have been speculated to relate to the magnetic poles or astrological phenomena.

According to the little blurb I read, people like to find them and use them as lawn ornaments, which reminds me of my favorite pennsylvania lawn ornaments:

The way I remember Pennsylvania, there were three of these on every yard, but I might be exaggerating a bit:)


  1. Nikki - Interestingly, the NYT had a op-ed on bananas which you might enjoy:

    Enjoying the blog. :)

  2. Anne - thanks so much for your comment! I found the article you sent me to be quite interesting, and it inspired me to write my most recent blog (Feb 7th). Thanks for reading! I'm glad you are joining me in my armchair travels!