Friday, February 18, 2011

Costa Rican Treehouse Community!!!!

So, I am a huge disney fan, and I often daydream about where I would live in Disneyland if ever given the option, and I've always thought it would be ideal to live in the Swiss Family Treehouse (yah, I know it's Tarzan themed now, but I like to think if I had the power to live in Disneyland I could also have the power to time travel to back before disney defiled the treehouse with the Tarzan theme). But anyways.........getting back to the main point of this blog...I discovered a treehouse community developing in Costa Rica!

Inspired by the Ewok village in Star Wars, a young couple have begun creating what is being billed as the first planned, modern, sustainable treehouse community called Finca Bellevista. The location is unbelievable- close to beaches, national parks, hiking trails and whitewater rivers.  They began construction about three years ago, but are still in the early stages of development with about 5 houses completed, as well as a community center and other support structures.  Although most owners are using their treehouses as rentals, the developers of the community are hoping that more full time residents will move in - they even point out that one resident telecommutes from his bungalow by using 3G cell and internet service.

It seems like an expat's paradise at the moment - ownership at the moment is 60% american, 35% Canadian, and 5% European. Hmmmm, I always thought I was in San Diego to stay, but I might have to start thinking about a treehouse retirement plan:)


  1. Looks inviting, but I think there might be too many univited guests up in the canopy for my liking.....

  2. Love it. Why don't we have one of these in San Diego..... oh yea, no trees.

  3. These places are amazing.
    Let's have the family (mine, yours...everyones) move there.

    We'll live and love and be happy

  4. Finca Bellavista should be a hotel. I'd try it for a night.

  5. Wow, really awesome! last picture is really inviting!! :)