Sunday, February 27, 2011

Costa Rican feast!

After the relative success of my Congo feast night last month (fufu - never again!), I decided to have  Costa Rica feast night!!! My cousins were the brave taste testers, and Kevin cooked up some meat again!

In Costa Rica they often call a complete meal a casado, which literally translated means "married," and reflects the blending of various foods to create a full and satisfying meal. There is always gallo pinto (rice and beans mixed together) which is a huge staple in the area, as well as some fried plantains, meat, and maybe tortillas and a salad. Here's my attempt!!!!

I made ceviche as an appetizer - Brandon approved:)

I also made up some empanada type appetizers with a gallo pinto and egg stuffing (confession - I used pre-made empanada dough...sooooo delicious!)  In Costa Rica the most popular condiment is Salsa Lizano. I went to a Latin market here in SD and the guy working there told me that the salsa you see in the bottle in the picture above is basically the same thing. I LOOOOOOVED it - tangy and sweet. Not Ashley's favorite though....

Yummy Costa Rican beer - "Imperial"

I bought some pre-made tostones (fried plantains) and fried them up...but none of us really liked them as you can probably tell from Ashley's expression. I've got some intrepid cousins:)

Here's my plate (top) and Kevin's (bottom). On my plate you'll see one of the gallo pinto empanadas, to its right is a salad made from hearts of palm, then the components of gallo pinto - beans and rice cooked with onions, red pepper, oil and cilantro -  YUMMMMM. On Kevin's plate is a pork dish he made. 

In a previous blog I mentioned the Costa Rican coffee I bought online from Cafe Milagro...oh man, it is delicious!!! I also attempted to make a tres leches cake. Don't be fooled by how it looks in the ended up basically inedible. I am ABSOLUTELY not a baker!!!

My favorite part of the meal was probably the gallo pinto empanadas with lizano sauce. SSOOOO yummy! I'm gonna keep buying that sauce forever!

Another successful evening of international dining! It had its good and bad points, but overall, a fun time had by all!


  1. OK, l can eat Costa Rica food! Let's go!

  2. Your pictures and your menu sounded fabulous. I think when we're out in June, we should sample an international meal made by THE Armchair Traveler herself!!

  3. Hmm... The "chefs table" is becoming popular. I wonder if I will have trouble booking it on my next visit??

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