Friday, September 30, 2011

Burmese Deliciousness!

A couple years ago a guy at my church recommended that I try his favorite restaurant when I visited San Francisco - Burma Superstar.  Besides having the coolest name ever, this restaurant boasts some of the finest food I have ever had in my entire life.  If you are ever in SF, you gotta check it out!!!!

There's usually a line because it's SOOOOOO GOOOOOD!!!

The food is a sort of fusion of Asian flavors - Thai, Chinese, Indian - to create somewhat familiar yet striking flavor combinations unique to Burma.  I've enjoyed some of their curry and noodle dishes as well as their salads, so I attempted their Rainbow Salad (although, I  made mine veggie - no shrimp...they look like bugs, and no fish sauce  - I used half and half soy sauce and worcestire...which technically has fish in it though, so I should have just got the fish sauce!!!)

P.S.  I also attempted Burmese Curry with noodles:


  1. Nikki, I can see by the awning that it is Burma Super Star. You need the pause and capital S for the appropriate emphasis & understanding of intent! Speaking of emphasis, I can't make out what is in the curry (or salad for that matter!!!)

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