Thursday, July 28, 2011

Indian Home Cooking!!!!

I posted a blog the other day about my Indian shopping adventures - now you have a chance to see how my cooking turned out!!!

My mom is a huge fan of Manjula Jain's recipe website - Manjula's Kitchen.  Sweet Manjula has created loads of videos to help demystify Indian cooking.  Earlier, I looked at a few cookbook recipes with about thirty ingredients and 24 hours+ cooking time and figured I'd just give up on making Indian food this month, but I could actually follow Manjula's simple and straightforward recipes!

Manjula's husband films her in her Rancho Bernardo kitchen and they upload a few new videos every month - she has over a hundred on her website since starting about 4 years ago.  Here's a great article from "Voice of San Diego" about Manjula.

For my first attempt at Indian home cooking, I decided to make Aloo Gobi - a main dish made of potatoes, cauliflower and of my favorites at Indian buffets! Check out the video above to hear Manjula's recipe.  Here's how mine turned out:

So, here's my Aloo Gobi with mango and cilantro chutneys (store bought- I cheated!) as well as some whole wheat paratha bread I picked up at Bombay Bazaar, and I had a bit of Khatta Meetha snack mix on the side. Turned out really good!!!!!

Yesterday, I decided to try out even more recipes! What you see here is some rice I made kinda in line with her  zucchini rice recipe (minus the zucchini because I didn't have any!), Sambar (spicy lentil soup) and cauliflower pickle. It tasted good last night, but even better as leftovers for lunch today!!!

You should check out Manjula's website!!!!


  1. You didn't mention if you burned any of the incense you bought while cooking or dining???!!!

  2. You're right, I love Manjula's cooking videos. Watching her cook my Indian favorites on her American stove in her American kitchen totally takes the intimidation away and I've had some successful dishes! I've made her Vegetable Korma several times now. I make it vegan with almond milk and raw cashews substituting for the whole milk/cream. I have found however, that one dried red pepper, instead of Manjula's typical four, is all I can handle :)

  3. How come you are cooking these things without other family member testers?????

    Not happy about this cousin.

    Sounds delicious!