Saturday, April 2, 2011

Korea Wrap-up and Alpine April!

Korea continues to fascinate me as a country. I easily could spend another month learning about the culture and history of Korea and still barely scratch the surface. Plus, I would totally love to go out for more delicious bibimbop..mmmmmmmmmm.

But, alas, my month-long exploration has ended and it is time to move on. But before I jet, it's always nice to think back over my time a bit:)  I find Korea to be a really interesting mix of traditional and modern. As and outsider just briefly glancing in, it seems to me that Korean attitudes and sensibilities are often deep rooted in their culture and history.  Some examples from their contemporary art to me were restrained, yet layered with poetic modern associations.  Koreans are also bonded by their love of Korean food, with many popular dishes today having been staples in Korean diets for hundreds of years. 

All in all, this has re-inspired my desire to visit Korea! I knew from my quick 4 hour layover in Seoul that I wanted to come back, and this has confirmed my resolution! One day, I'll make it happen:)

So, this month I have decided to break from tradition a bit, and instead of picking a country, I'll be looking at a particular region - the Alps.  I know basically zilch-o about the Alps, other than that's where Heidi's from....I obviously have a lot to learn!

Zermatt, Switzerland

Heiligenblut, Austria
Sauze d'Oulx, Italy
Well, it's absolutely time for me to go to bed! I just downloaded Richard Strauss' "Alpine Symphony" and I'm going to listen to it and leaf through a book on the alps that I got for $2 at a rummage sale the other day:) 

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