Monday, April 25, 2011

Der Biergarten - Alpine eating in Atlanta!

I recently visited my parents in Atlanta, and as they are avid followers of my blog, I figured it'd be fun to involve them in a culinary adventure!!!

Finding Alpine cuisine can be a bit tricky - it is quite difficult to find restaurants that specialize in food just from Alpine regions, however if you scour the menus of many Swiss, German, Austrian, French, and Italian restaurants, you can often find a couple of dishes that correspond with Alpine cuisine. As such, we figured we'd try out a German restaurant - "Der Biergarten" and try to find some Alpine delicacies from the Bavarian region of Germany!

This is the street view of "Der Biergarten" - it's located on the top floor of the structure.

The sign outside said "Come in - Drink Beer" ....I, of course, was happy to comply.

Mumsy dearest on her way up to the restaurant.

We sat in an outdoor patio. They had tables set up, I think to be reminiscent of a beer hall. The murals on the back wall featured beautiful landscapes, some of which with some Alpine mountain ranges in the distance!

I started off with a "Radler," which I mentioned in a previous blog. It's a mix of beer and lemon-lime soda. It was nice, but a bit sweet for me!

The bar was dark and seemed to be fashioned in an authentic manner.

We started off with a super yummy soft pretzel with three accompanying mustards...we were soooooooo happy.

And then the feasting began!!!!

My sister, Joyce (up in the top left hand corner) got some kind of beef stew that my dad thought was unbelievable. Mom and I split a few things I learned about in my research - spatzle (plate at the bottom), and potato pancakes (similar to reiberdatschi). We also got some salad, roasted potatoes, and a cucumber salad (which I had also read about in my research). Dad got some kind of roll with corned beef and saurkraut. Everything was super yummy!

I had a beer from the Paulaner Brewery, located in Munich, just north of the Bavarian Alps. Yummm - I liked it better than the Radler:)

For dessert we had German Chocolate Cake, and the Alpine treat Apple Strudel. Don't even think about trying to steal some from my sister!!!
I couldn't help but make my parents pose for this lovely photo op- the only time you'll ever see my mom holding a beer stein!


  1. and the only time she'll ever have a 20 inch waist!

  2. And to paraphrase Frau Bl├╝cher, the only time she'll have such a good looking "BOYFRIEND!!!"

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