Wednesday, January 12, 2011

bummed I missed this play last month - and the stories of some local Congolese refugees

The La Jolla playhouse presented "Ruined" last month - a Pulitzer Prize winning play centering around a Congolese brothel and sharing the story of women affected by the war. The article linked below (written by PLNU alum Kelly Bennett) shares the story of a group of local African refugees who were able to see the play and then share their stories through the article. In my research about far-off places, it hit me pretty hard to realize that there are people living in San Diego right now who went through some of what I'm reading about, and who were able to find refuge right here in San Diego. The article mentions the "Alliance for African Assistance" - a non-profit here in San Diego...stay tuned, I'll be sure to write up a post about their local work soon!

share - check out the full article!

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